Major Case Investigative Teams (MCIT)


The Major Case Investigative Teams (MCIT) initiative was established to assist local and state criminal justice agencies with creating a major case investigative team.  A major case investigative team is a collaborative effort involving multiple law enforcement agencies within adjacent or overlapping jurisdictions.  Similar to a task force, but more limited in scope, these teams are established to respond to homicides or high-profile cases to allow for the concentration of resources beyond the capabilities of any individual agency.

Limited funding is available for training and technical assistance for agencies interested in creating a major case investigative team.

The Institute for Intergovernmental Research serves as the training and technical service provider for the MCIT initiative through the support of a grant award received from the Bureau of Justice Assistance.  Training and technical assistance focus on the following components:

  • An in-depth review of the major case investigative team concept and the requisite policies, memorandums of understanding, and operational specificities necessary for implementation of an effective program.
  • Incorporation of data-driven approaches to case-management strategies that offer the greatest probability for successful resolution of major crimes.
  • Foundations for establishing and administering multijurisdictional operational units.
  • Collaborative strategies for attacking specific major cases.
  • Suggestions and strategies for engaging the community to support the investigative team.
  • Reinforcement of the necessity for and benefits of using performance measures to assess program effectiveness.

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