Research and Education

IIR provides comprehensive research and education services to a broad range of functions in the public safety domain and also provides assistance to the private sector. The areas of special competence of IIR include management and organization, operations, information systems, planning, research, technical assistance, program evaluation, curriculum development, training, policy development, and implementation.

IIR specializes in research and education services involving intergovernmental issues—local, state, tribal, and federal—in the areas of law enforcement, criminal justice, homeland security, and juvenile justice, with concentration in law enforcement agency organization and management, youth gang research, grants management, economic crime, organized crime intelligence, homeland security, and major criminal conspiracy investigations and prosecutions.

Program Evaluation

The program evaluation work of IIR has constituted an important portion of its operations to date. These efforts have included local, multijurisdictional, and nationwide program evaluation activities based on comprehensive research designs and guides.

Extensive data collection efforts and detailed descriptive case studies have been key ingredients of IIR's program evaluations. Each evaluation is thoroughly planned through detailed background information compilation, review of program characteristics, design of research questions, establishment of evaluation objectives, and extensive methodological consideration. Products, task plans, and site visits are all specifically scheduled and monitored according to a detailed evaluation management plan.

Policy Analysis and Technical Training

Major policy analysis efforts have been designed and conducted by IIR, primarily at the multistate and national levels. Thoroughly prepared research designs are an integral part of IIR's analysis activities. The research has included the use of literature reviews, mail surveys, personal interviews, data collection through standardized instruments and through on-site collection, and data analysis and presentation, including the use of computerized statistical analytical programs. IIR has also provided technical training to hundreds of agencies throughout the United States and has been funded by the federal government to deliver major technical training services nationwide to federally funded program efforts.

General Training Workshops and Seminars

IIR develops and conducts customized training workshops and seminars for personnel of federal, state, tribal, and local governmental agencies to improve leadership, technical, and managerial skills. Programs have been delivered throughout the United States in the following topic areas:

  • Criminal Justice Information Systems, including Criminal Intelligence Systems Operating Policies
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Investigative Management
    • Narcotics Task Forces
    • Methamphetamine Investigations
    • Narcotics Control and Organized Crime
    • Financial Investigations
    • Violent Crime Response
  • Grants Management and Programmatic Training
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